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Welcome to our blog Spece.IT where we’re trying to publish different tips, tricks and out opinions about all things related to the IT world, but also some geeky stuff related to technology, movies, comics, and games. We’re people that work in IT environments all day long for more than 15 years as for now. Our day-to-day work is mostly design, build, maintain IT solutions and fix them when something is broken.

We started this page because we would like to share our knowledge and experience. We also appreciate your comments and bits of advice since we are fully open to learning new stuff from you!.

The blog was started in 2012 by two tech-geeks working in the same corp in the same office for a long time:

  • Łukasz Skalikow
  • Dariusz Góra

After some time other people joined this crazy team 😉

  • Piotr Berent
  • Rafał Kosewski
  • Krzysztof Orzedowski
  • Ewa Wierciak
  • Jarosław Wiśniewski
  • Grzegorz Zdanowicz